We are passionate about making our business a great place to work. We provide new joiners and existing staff with a safe, caring and respectful environment in which they have equal opportunities to learn, thrive, and achieve their full potential.

  • Safety and Wellbeing

    We reinforce workplace safety and promote the wellbeing of our staff. Zero harm is our goal.

  • Development and Training

    We upskill our team and support career development to propel our company forward.

  • Employer of Choice

    We nurture a fair and inclusive culture where employees can thrive, be empowered and be recognised and rewarded.

We are committed to fostering a Green Terminal in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • 4 Quality Education
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Explore what we have done

  • Next level of safety

    Next level of safety

    Safety is our first priority. We launched our Smart Safety Management System: an integrated risk management platform that records incidents and irregularities in real-time, augments workflows and enables better communication and collaboration across our divisions and operations.

  • Achieving safety through listening

    Achieving safety through listening

    Our unique, fast-paced, round-the-clock operations in the terminal and on the ramp see our drivers and equipment operators working under pressure, often in confined spaces. We asked our Driving Safety Team for their advice on enhancing driving safety and promoting safety awareness.

  • Safety first, safety always

    Safety first, safety always

    Our renowned annual Safety Week raises staff awareness of the need for workplace safety. 2022's “Work Safe” theme saw the inclusion of informative sessions and fun activities such as a safe tractor driving contest, safety equipment promotion and Safety Quiz.

  • Preserving skills for the future

    Preserving skills for the future

    In the Hactl spirit of innovation and proactivity, we launched a Knowledge Management (KM) initiative to identify, preserve, and disseminate vital operational knowledge across all departments. Starting with the invaluable input of senior engineers, informative videos were produced covering a wide range of potential maintenance and repair scenarios, so sharing their knowledge with younger colleagues. All functions will be covered in due course.

    Hactl Knowledge Management Initiative
  • Driving quality in Hong Kong logistics

    Driving quality in Hong Kong logistics

    We aim to provide existing and future staff with comprehensive, high-quality training that meets and exceeds industry criteria, and raises Hong Kong's overall logistics standards. We are proud to be the first cargo terminal and logistics business to have its training courses accredited under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework.

  • Stepping up to sustainability

    Stepping up to sustainability

    We collaborated with a dedicated design team to transform the stairwell on the fourth to sixth floors of our North Office Block into an informative mural that communicates thought-provoking sustainability messages, inspired by the 17 United Nations' SDGs. Our aim is to broaden staff knowledge on sustainability, while improving their wellbeing by encouraging exercise in the workplace.

    Stepping Up to Sustainability
Since 2018
reduction in work-related injuries
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Don't take our word for it

  • 2022 Awards for Excellence in Training and Development

    Campaign Award –
    Excellence in Knowledge Management

    The Hong Kong Management Association
  • The 21st Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award

    Best Program for Work Safety & Health in Hot Weather – Gold Award

    Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Council
  • The 21st Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award

    Safety Performance Award (All Industries) –
    Outstanding Award

    Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Council
  • 2021/22 HKIA Safety Excellence Award


    Airport Authority Hong Kong